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MS Baseball - Boys
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MS Baseball - Boys
M.S Baseball: Family-Trail Blazers

Thank you to all the boys who came out to try out for our M.S baseball team. Congratulations to the following young boys, who committed to trying out and have become part of our team. 

Jousen Mejia

Ryan Molina

Jaiden Villode

Jeremy Messon

Alejandro Mejia

Emmanual Pena

Jimmy Kidd*

Joan Rodriguez*

Robert Rosario

Osvaldo Polanco

Gabriel Perez

Sebastian Del Carpio*

Armani Castillo

Miguel Perez

Lenin Rosario*

Pedro Santos

Deivon Johnson*

Ricardo Paluzzi

Jonathan Nunez

Jared Rosa

Carlos Lopez 

(Note: * You are part of the practice team)